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10 Amazing Facts About Dog Noses

For any dog breeder, one of the most enjoyable moments is when a four-legged friend nudges him with his nose. At this moment, the animals look not only joyful but also funny. In fact, many people know very little about the dog’s nose, and this organ was created by nature not only to smell. Here are ten facts from which you will learn a lot about the dog’s nose.

  • The dog’s nose is moist for a reason. If you’ve ever wondered why dogs have a wet nose, you’ll now know that this is due to glands that produce a lubricant that enhances the animal’s olfactory abilities.

  • The dog has an unrivaled sense of smell! If you thought that your four-legged friend could smell a kilometer away, then you were wrong! Dogs can smell 10 to 100 thousand times better than the average person! For example, it is almost impossible for a person to smell by smell whether there is a spoonful of sugar in a cup of coffee, and a dog can detect a spoonful of sugar even in five million liters of water.

  • Dogs have multifunctional nostrils! When a person inhales and exhales air, he passes through the same channel. This is not the case with dogs. Their nostrils can work independently of each other. Special membranes inside the nasal cavity divide the nose into two channels. One channel is for breathing and the other for the smell.

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