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10 Rarest & Most Unusual Wild Cats

Who doesn’t love cats? Even if they are wild species, they would rather bite off a person’s finger than allow themselves to be stroked. As pets, it’s hard to get them, because some of them are tamed, but they live, say, in Africa. However, this does not prevent us from admiring wild felines and being surprised at the rarest and most unusual species.

Sand Cat

The Sandy Cat looks like it’s a kitten forever, but in fact, it is simply the smallest representative of wild cats in the world. They are loyal to people, although they are tamed worse than the Caracals living in the same area. Despite the cuteness, they perfectly hunt rodents, lizards, as well as spiders, and poisonous snakes.

 Andean Cat

The Andean cat, as the name implies, lives in the Andes, and in the most inaccessible mountain regions. This is the rarest feline in South America, and it was only possible to film its representatives after 2000.

Chilean Cat or Kodkod

The Kodkod or Chilean cat is a resident of the coniferous and mixed forests of South America with large feet and claws. It prefers to go hunting at night, but it is just as successful in catching prey during the day. A rare species, the number of which reaches about 10 thousand individuals.

Asian Golden Cat

The Asian Golden Cat is two to three times the size of the domestic cat and is mostly nocturnal. It is distributed from the Himalayas to the Indochina Peninsula and is also found in Sumatra. Despite rumors of her ferocity, in fact, it is a cautious animal that does not attack people.

Pallas Cat

Pallas Cat, who became an Internet star several years ago, is found in the vast area of the Asian region. It is no larger than a domestic cat, although its thick coat gives the illusion of being of considerable size. It prefers to hunt from an ambush, using a camouflage color, as it is not adapted for fast running.

Pampas Cat

The Pampas cat is another representative of the South American wild cats, characterized by a dense body with short legs. It lives on grassy plains, as well as among shrubs and woodlands, sometimes it is noticed even in the Andes. The Pampas cat has seven subspecies, but in general, they are very rare animals.


The Jaguarundi rather resembles a marten or weasel due to its long elongated body and thin tail, but it is still a cat. Centuries ago, the Indians of Latin America tamed these strange felines as ordinary domestic cats to guard their homes against rodents.


Serval is a long-legged and long-eared African cat, with cheetah coloration and lynx habits. Distributed throughout Africa, excluding the deserts, it hunts any small game, rapidly jumping out of the ambush. Male Servals can mate with domestic cats, creating hybrid breeds.

Caracal Steppe Lynx

Caracal or Steppe Lynx. African and Central Asian cat, related to lynx and serval. Possesses excellent reaction and very sharp retractable claws, which allows him to hunt both birds and rodents with equal ease. It is easy to tame, and in ancient times it was used for fishing with a wide variety of prey.

Sumatran Cat

One of the rarest and endangered felines. This relatively small, flat-headed wildcat is found in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Sumatra, and Borneo. It feeds mainly on fish, which it easily catches with sharp bent claws and fangs.

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