10 Reasons Why You Should Have A Dog In Your Life

Dogs can offer us more than just companionship. If you already have a furry friend, then you probably know what it is worth to love and thank him for, how he has positively influenced your life, and what colors and new emotions he brought into it. But if you have not yet acquired a pet, then here are 10 reasons why you should definitely do it.

Love and Happiness

The dog adores the person who adopted it. For a faithful dog, it does not matter in what mood the owner is, his social status does not matter. The dog tries to show his love every minute and thus makes the owner happy. One of the classics wrote: “Anyone who claims that happiness cannot be bought has never bought a puppy.” And this is the first reason to get a dog.

Eternal Youth

An interesting study has been done in Sweden. 547 subjects were given an accelerometer to record physical activity daily. The participants in the experiment were the owners of dogs and people who do not have pets.

It soon became clear that those who have a dog at home move much more. They are as active as those 10 years younger! So communication with a four-legged pet helps to lose a whole ten years.

Good Health

Dogs also have a positive effect on the health of their owner. It has been proven that when communicating with a dog, a person’s blood pressure decreases, and the pulse rate stabilizes.

The dog will relieve you of laziness and inevitably force you to start an active lifestyle. 60% of owners admit that before the appearance of the dog they had never visited parks, forests, and water bodies, and 40% did it much less often. The desire to walk with the dog in the bosom of nature turns out to be stronger than laziness and even illness. Unhurried walks reveal beauty in the surrounding world. You will have a great opportunity to observe the changing beauty of nature all year round.

Those who walk the dog every day are less likely to go to hospitals due to problems with the cardiovascular system. For people suffering from physical inactivity and coronary heart disease, doctors themselves advise having a dog. Amazingly, the disease stops developing in dog breeders!

In Israel, scientists have shown that children whose families have a dog do not have high blood pressure. Not so long ago, a link was noticed between allergies and having a dog in the house. Babies who communicate with these animals from birth are 70% less likely to develop an unpleasant ailment. By the way, cats, just the same, contributing to the appearance of allergies. And this is a good reason if you have a choice between a dog and a cat!


You might not know, but dogs are widely used in psychiatry. Dog owners rarely suffer from depression. After all, their pets carry a powerful positive charge and are always tuned to “joy”. It is subtly noticed that the dog will never ask stupid questions, it will simply offer to play. Treating emotional distress and depression with a pet is scientifically called  Canistherapy.

Introverted, withdrawn patients become more open and talkative when interacting with animals. The condition of children with autism improves, the rehabilitation of patients after psychological trauma and nervous breakdowns is faster and easier.

And in the United States, it has been experimentally proven that people living with a dog are 60% less susceptible to depression and stress. Sometimes it is enough for them to pet their pet to calm down.

Many psychotherapists even take the liberty of claiming that an ordinary dog ​​helps a person cope with psychological problems faster than a qualified doctor. And for this magical four-legged do not even need to speak!

Self Confidence

It was found that people who have a dog find it easier to relax and communicate with others. It is easier to trust such persons, they are more often asked for advice.

Those who have recently adopted a pet have increased self-esteem. No wonder, because there is always a creature nearby that considers you to be the center of its own world.

The popular writer Janusz Leon Vishnevsky even joked about this: “Lord, allow me to become what my dog thinks I am!” And the truth: such a devoted pet is necessary for shy people.

Family Happiness

Psychologists say that families in which dogs live are less likely to quarrel, and this has a very simple explanation. The first thing that a person who returns home after a hard day at work sees is a joyful dog running towards him. At such a moment all problems are forgotten. Irritation, negativity brought from the outside, remain outside the threshold, near which the owner was met by a happy favorite.

Surprisingly, even a mongrel dog, no worse than a subtle psychologist, recognizes the emotions of household members and knows how to smooth out conflicts with his behavior. As soon as the situation heats up, the dog starts fooling around and thereby distracts attention to himself. Family members are less likely to argue with each other, everyday problems fade into the background. And on the first – a kind and positive creature who is waiting for love and affection want to grow in harmony.

Deep Sleep

In Japan in 2007-2009. scientists have observed people who have dogs and cats. Together with these subjects, those who do not have pets were included in the focus group.

It turned out that participants in the experiment who have a pet sleep better. They do not have insomnia at all. But Belgian scientists have found that specially trained dogs can even help people with severe sleep disorders to avoid danger.

By the way, according to the experiment, the dog puts the owner to sleep better than the cat.

Slim Figure

Want to lose weight or exercise but don’t have company? Get an active dog and let him become your faithful companion!

Think it’s only about running? Far from it! Many sports can keep you and your pet entertained. These are agility, weight-pooling, skijoring, dog-frisbee, and others. And on the court, you can make several new acquaintances to play with whole teams afterward!

Getting Rid of Loneliness

The positive influence of dogs on the psychological state of lonely people has been proven. Next to devoted four-legged friends, the owners feel loved and needed. Deep down, every person wants to take care of someone. And the dog just requires attention and does not hesitate to express his tender feelings, pays with love for love. Such a pet is especially good for older people who, in the absence of relatives, feel lonely or abandoned. After all, you can talk with a dog, you need to educate him, teach him wits.

If the owners of cats sit with their pets at home watching the TV, then “dog lovers” need to regularly go out to people. And on the grounds for walking, the owners, as a rule, are disposed to communicate. And there is always a common topic for the first conversation – favorite pets. It was on such walks that many future lovers and close friends met.

Studies have shown that a dog makes its owner more beautiful in the eyes of people of the opposite sex. So, if you are lonely, quickly go out with your dog for a long walk! And we sincerely wish you to meet a person who will love you as sincerely as your dog. Without any motive. Just for what you are!


And although dogs in our time can no longer fully replace the newfangled security systems, they will provide you with certain security – that’s for sure! For example, research shows that barking scares off burglars. You will feel much calmer just knowing that your faithful dog will use his keen hearing and sense of smell to detect that someone is trying to break into your property or your home. Thus, it will help you save your nerves and not jump up at night from every rustle. After all, you will know that your dog will definitely notify you in case of danger, and also, to the best of his ability, will protect you from uninvited guests.

There are a lot of reasons why you can and probably even need to get a dog. After all, a dog is not just your most devoted friend in this world. The dog is the whole world!

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