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12 Lazy Dogs That Can Steal Your Heart

Dogs are man’s best friends and the most popular pets that live side by side with people. However, different owners have different views on what is permissible for their pets … Some four-legged ones are allowed to be exclusively in the local area, others – in a dwelling. But there is one more category – dogs, which are allowed to rest on the master’s bed, even when it is occupied by its rightful owner. Almost any dog ​​will be happy to relax in the company of its beloved owner.


Weimaraner is inseparable from the owner, he is ready to spend every minute with him, even during sleep.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

These dogs easily adapt to the character and habits of the owner. They get along well with children and have a gentle and affectionate character. Cavaliers love to sleep on a pillow or on their knees, which is why they are often chosen as a family companion pet.


Goldendoodle is a playful, kind, and inquisitive person. Activity and sociability make this breed a central element in the home.

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