13 Jack Russell Nutrition Facts

Jack Russell Terriers are small mobile “motors” with a cheerful disposition. They are often chosen as hunting companions, or simply as pets. To maintain the health of such an active animal, it is necessary to organize a diet corresponding to its level of activity. Let’s take a look at some important nutritional facts for this breed.

  • The growth of a puppy is the most important period of his life, when bone and muscle mass is being formed, the correct structure of all body systems is laid. A growing body requires much more energy per kilogram of weight than an adult dog. The requirements for proteins, vitamins, and various minerals are also much higher.

  • Lack of protein during the growth period can lead to anemia, changes in the constitution, and developmental delay. Lack of calcium and phosphorus in the diet leads to impaired bone formation.

  • Complete food for little Jack should include proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, trace elements, and minerals.

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