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14 Beagle Nutrition Facts

The Beagle is a hound breed that has long been used to hunt hares. The dogs drove the animals and loudly notified the owners of this. According to one version, the name of the breed comes from the French “beginueule” – “tinned throat”. Beagles have a unique sense of smell, strong tracking instinct, and sonorous barking barks. Now they are often used in the search for explosives and prohibited products for import.

Dogs are always ready to eat something tasty. The owners of these pets need to strictly control their diet. Only a balanced diet and regular physical activity guarantee the correct development of the beagle and its good health. Caring for a dog of this breed consists of periodically cleaning the ears, rubbing the eyes, and using a brush during molting.

  • These pets are unpretentious in food. The choice between natural food and dry food depends on the owner. The main thing is not to mix different types of food. If the breeder gave the dog dry food, then gradually switch to natural food. This makes it easier to identify allergenic foods in the event of an allergic reaction.

  • In favor of dry food, it is worth noting:
    balance (good feed contains the optimal amount of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals for the animal’s body);
    a high percentage of meat products in the composition, often of several types at once;
    ease of use and storage;
    a wide range of.

  • It is very important to comply with the recommended feeding rates (manufacturers indicate them on the packaging). The fact is that beagles are prone to gluttony and, as a result, to obesity, which is fraught with health problems. Do not indulge your pet in this.

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