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14 Pug Nutrition Facts

The pug is one of the most popular breeds of decorative dogs, which are characterized by compactness and proportionality. They are very active and attached to their masters, so they can literally follow them on their heels. But despite all the charms of this breed, pugs have one drawback – they are prone to obesity. That is why their diet must be monitored especially carefully.

Each pug is individual, but there are some general recommendations that all owners of this breed need to follow:

Pugs can eat anything, but don’t let them. The fact is that they have a very weak gastrointestinal tract, which reacts to any food that is not suitable for the dog.

Pugs are prone to obesity. For this reason, they need to be kept within limits – serving size and feeding time should be determined by the host.

Every day the dog should have the same portion and the same time at which it eats it.

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