15 Dogs That Look Like Celebrities

There is a theory that every person on the globe resembles some kind of animal or … a certain breed of dog. By the way, many of our smaller brothers were lucky to become exact copies of not mere mortals, but real stars – actors, musicians, and even members of the British royal family!

Julia Roberts / Collie

Do you remember how Julia Roberts’ character in Eat Pray Love, when she discussed what kind of dog she looks like, chose a Collie? By the way, the actress has repeatedly admitted that this particular breed is her favorite. Usually, people become attached to those animals that are similar in temperament, but often the external similarity is striking. Agree that Collie has the same noble, reserved appearance as Roberts. And they also have the same wise eyes and some very special looks.

Elle Fanning / French Bulldog

If Elle Fanning still doesn’t have a French Bulldog, she needs to get one. Eyes, ears, oval face – the features of the actress well, very much resemble a Bulldog. By the way, dogs of this breed are kind and loyal, they become excellent companions to their owners. It is known that Elle is a sincere and devoted girl in friendship, her colleagues on the set celebrate her delicacy and diplomacy. So the French Bulldog will definitely suit the actress.

Brad Pitt / Staffordshire Terrier

Strong-willed, determined, and fearless! Think we’re talking about a Staffordshire Terrier? It is about him and his stellar double – the most enviable Hollywood bachelor, Brad Pitt. In his youth, the actor preferred the roles of desperate guys, but it is known that the images leave a serious imprint on the character. Perhaps it was by acting in films such as Fight Club that Pitt deepened his resemblance to the Fighting Dog breed.

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