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15 Pictures of People & Cats That Are Very Similar to Each Other

Many pets are similar to their owners – including externally. British photographer Gerrard Gethings showed in reality how similar cats and their owners can be by comparing their portraits. From his photographs, they even made a board game “Do You Look Like Your Cat?”

Gerrard Gethings is a wildlife photographer from the UK, and this is not his first project with animals. In his photo project “Do You Look Like Your Cat?” he compared portraits of cats and their owners, showing how pets can be similar to their owners. Based on the pictures, the photographer released the board game of the same name for the development of memory.

By the way, the models and cats participating in the project are not real pets and owners. To realize his idea, the photographer conducted a casting, where he carefully selected models and paid attention to detail. It turned out great pictures, where people and cats are really very similar.

The photographer has already done a similar project, only with dogs.

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