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15 Rock Musicians & Their Dogs

Everyone knows that a dog is a friend of a man. Ardent dog lovers are sure that their pets are the best, and perhaps the only true friends. For musicians, their four-legged is not only all of the above but also a source of inspiration. We present to your attention a small selection of rock musicians and their favorites.

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Paul McCartney & Martha the Old English Shepherd Dog

Shortly after acquiring a house on Cavendish Avenue, Paul McCartney adopted his first pet, an old British shepherd dog, and named it Martha. She was born on June 16, 1966. The musician said:

She was very dear to me. I remember John (Lennon) was struck by my love for the animal. He once said that he did not see me like this with anyone else. Since then, I am sure that he will never see me like this again. You can only look like I did then by hugging a dog. And she really loved to hug.

In 1997, McCartney admitted that the song Martha My Dear was dedicated to his dog, although many believed that the addressee was Jane Asher, whom Paul wanted to marry in 1968.

Elvis Presley & His Dogs

The King of Rock and Roll was very fond of animals. Even in early childhood, his pet was a rooster, and when he died, the boy cried for two days. Presley had several dogs throughout his life, and he also considered them a wonderful gift for his beloved woman, so he repeatedly presented such gifts to his beloved. One of the singer’s first girls, Anita Wood, was awarded the Little Bit dwarf poodle, his wife Priscilla got the Hani poodle, the musician’s last friend, Linda Thompson, received the Foxhugh Maltese. By the end of the 60s, several monkeys, roosters, chickens, pigs, Poodles, the Pyrenean dog Muffin, as well as the Get Low Chow Chow, which outlived the owner for a whole year, lived in Elvis’ house in Graceland. However, Presley’s most famous pet was Brutus the dog, who played the role of Albert in the 1968 film A Little Life, A Little Love. The dog passed away shortly after the divorce of Elvis and Priscilla.

Eric Clapton & Weimaraner Jeep

Weimaraner Jeep is known for his sad face, which appeared on the cover of the 1975 album There’s One In Every Crowd. This dog was the very first dog Clapton.

In 1970, George Harrison dedicated the song I Remember Jeep to the Jeep. At the same time, Clapton released his imperishable hit, Layla, which was written about Harrison’s wife, Patti Boyd. If the reason for the creation of the latter was Eric’s love for Patty, then nothing is known about George’s feelings for Jeep.

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