16 Beautiful German Shepherd Tattoos

As an idea for a tattoo, images in the form of pets are often chosen. Our smaller brothers gladly give us their love and devotion. They bring joy and positiveness to life, become real friends. A dog is truly man’s best friend. A wide variety of dog breeds are often found as a tattoo. One of the most popular in tattoo art is the German Shepherd.

The German Shepherd is strong and resilient; brave and courageous, intelligent and obedient, noble dog. Everyone knows that they are the ones who serve in all kinds of special services. Thanks to its intelligence, it is the German Shepherd who has established itself so highly that those who work with it respect it and consider it a full-fledged comrade.

If you are looking for ideas for a tattoo with this breed or just want to admire photos, then be sure to check out our selection.

German Shepherd and butterflies

Cute little tattoođź’•

Unique tattoo with elements of geometry

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