5 Most Beautiful Dog Movies That Inspire More Than Just Dog Lovers

“Happiness starts with a wet nose and ends with a wagging tail” – which means every dog ​​owner knows. Because a happy dog ​​gives so much love and affection that it is directly transmitted to the owner and mistress. A dog is simply man’s best friend.

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that there are countless touching dog films that illustrate the special bond between humans and four-legged friends.

There are countless dog movies: classic Disney cartoons, as well as various real-life films with real “dog actors” such as the touching drama Marley and Me. With so much variety on offer, it’s easy to lose sight of things. Therefore, we have made a preliminary selection for you.

“Hachiko” – a Touching Animal Drama Based on Real Events

Professor Ueno rescues Akita puppy Hachiko from life on the street. An extraordinary friendship develops between them. When the blows of fate break this bond, Hachiko becomes a legend and symbol of loyalty. He is still revered in Japan.

Because One Puppy is Not Enough – “101 Dalmatians”

What is cuter than a Dalmatian puppy? Of course, 101 furballs! Unfortunately, the unscrupulous fashion designer Cruella de Ville also knows this. She has long dreamed of a unique dog fur coat. So she kidnaps the puppies without further ado. But the parents of the dogs Pongo and Perdita do not give up so easily and decide to free their puppies. Disney’s 1961 animated film is still a classic for the whole family to watch.

One Spaghetti Bolognese with “Lady and the Tramp”

We all know that no one shares a plate of spaghetti Bolognese as romantically as Lady and the Tramp. The well-protected Cocker Spaniel Lady Susie and the homeless mongrel Strolch meet one day. Tramp Susie warns that everything in her life will change as soon as her owners have a child. This is exactly what happens, and Susi is suddenly faced with all sorts of problems. Together with Vagabond and some other dog friends, Susie is now going through an exciting adventure full of danger and great love. Disney film about dogs, which still has not lost its charm.

Straight to the Heart – “Marley and Me”

For this dog movie, you should have a large pack of tissues ready. The film adaptation of John Grogan’s autobiographical book strikes every dog ​​lover right in the heart as it shows viewers how much the pet gives us humans. The Grogan couple bought a Labrador puppy Marley. Due to its wild nature, it initially creates a lot of noise and fuss, but in subsequent years it will become a constant companion in all life situations of the family. Crises are overcome, children are born, the city is changing – and Marley is next to her every time. But, unfortunately, we all know that this cannot be forever …

90 kg, a lot of salivae, and a lot of love – “Beethoven”

Beethoven is a great dog movie for the whole family. Fluffy and super-cute St. Bernard puppy barely escapes from unscrupulous trappers who experiment on dogs. He finds refuge in the Newton family, who take the little dog straight into their hearts. Finally, the head of the family, George, can be persuaded to leave St. Bernard. No one suspects that little Beethoven will one day turn into a 90-kilogram colossus that will entertainingly turn the family’s life upside down. In this dog movie, the big dog lovers get there, but everyone else also falls in love with the awkward actor with a wet nose and a faithful look.

Have you been inspired by our selection of the best dog movies?

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