Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherd: Breed History & Origin

The Australian Shepherd or Aussie got its geographical reference in the name of the breed for a reason.

It is believed that the distant ancestors of these dogs were herding dogs, who arrived from Australia at the beginning of the 19th century with their owners to the American continent in search of a better life.

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American Life of the Australian Shepherd

But, contrary to the name, “Australian” is still considered a breed bred in the United States of America. Experienced dog breeders hypothesize that Aussies appeared in the process of crossing Collie, Pyrenean, and Bernese Shepherd Dogs.

The result is a dog with a rounded muzzle, strong build, and long, but not smooth, hair. But not only the Aussie’s appearance pleased American farmers and ranchers, but it sharp mind, vigilance and careful work with the herd: this dog could drive a large herd in a matter of minutes, without harming a single animal. Yes, the dog could bite the sheep on the leg, but only slightly to speed up its movement across the field.

Such delicate and clean work brought fame to the “Australian”, and her selection did not stop, because more and more farmers wanted to get a puppy of this particular breed to work with the herd or guard their homestead.

In the 1950s, the popularity of the Australian Shepherd increased due to the active development of the rodeo. Performing between races, dogs of this breed performed in a variety of numbers, deftly following commands and small tricks.

Establishment of the First Aussie Club

The Australian Shepherd is gaining more and more popularity in America. In 1957, the first meeting of Aussie owners was held in Arizona, at which it was decided to organize a club.

During the discussion, the first standards of this breed were adopted, in the development of which the owners of dog clubs similar to the “Australian” provided invaluable assistance. All this was done in order to avoid cross-breeding with a Dingo, Collie. In 1958, the Australian Shepherd breed was officially registered.


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