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Beagle Training Tips

Each owner should know how to properly educate his pet – in the process of systematic and properly organized training, the dog begins to understand what is required of it, what is allowed and what is not, and becomes a full-fledged member of the family. The Beagle is an energetic and cheerful breed of dog, however, from the first days of the appearance of the baby in the house, the owners should pay great attention to upbringing, since an undrained and naughty beagle will become a real problem for the owners and for those around them. Beagle behavior directly depends on the properly organized training process.

What does beagle training give:

Training strengthens the bond between the owner and the dog. A beagle will only be obedient if it recognizes leadership and trusts its owner.

Training instills the skills of obedience and correct behavior. A pet that has mastered the norms of behavior feels more confident and comfortable since the owner does not need to constantly pull and scold the dog for faults.

Training can save a dog’s life. Taking into account the hunting instinct, while walking, the beagles are constantly sniffing out something, looking for a “victim”, and chasing birds and other animals, they can run out onto the road or get lost.

Beagle training

It is important not to miss a favorable moment for the upbringing of the beagle, since the growing up of the representatives of this breed ends at the age of 5-6 months, so before that time you need to teach elementary commands and educate correctly. From 6 months, a teenage beagle begins to show his character, becomes disobedient and stubborn, and from 10 months of age, it is almost impossible to retrain and wean a dog from bad habits. Having theoretical knowledge, knowing the characteristics of the breed, understanding the behavior of the pet, the owner must choose the right direction in training.

From the first days of the appearance of a beagle puppy in the house, the owner must establish close contact with the pet, monitor his behavior and emotions. After the end of the adaptation period, when the puppy will know his nickname, you can start training and gradually instill useful skills. Despite the fact that the Beagle is a rather naughty and wayward breed, with the right approach, you can teach him obedience and the implementation of elementary commands, so owners should know how to raise and train a Beagle puppy and how to teach the Beagle to follow commands.

Beagle training and upbringing simply going through the process of socialization, accustoming to home cleanliness, weaning from harmful, bad habits, especially from the habit of biting. At first, leaving the Beagle at home, the owners, returning home, will be “pleasantly” surprised by the state of their apartment, so in order to save the house from destruction, the young beagle must be taught to behave correctly in your absence. To prevent the puppy from getting bored, leave him more toys, hide shoes and wires for the first time. The guilty puppy should not be beaten for offenses – it is enough to express your dissatisfaction with a strict intonation and send him to his place.

You cannot raise your voice, scream hysterically, and even more so use physical force. Such methods will not lead to anything good and will only show the pet that you have no influence on him. Intimidation will lead to the fact that the beagle stops trusting the owner, becomes uncontrollable and cowardly. Beagle training at home should begin with mastering the simplest commands and tricks, and training should be informative and fun for the pet and for the owner, who must find an approach and motivate the dog to follow the commands.

How to teach beagle commands

The first lessons should be short, no more than 20-30 minutes a day. The main commands that the beagle should learn well are “Come to me”, “Fu” or “You can’t”, “Place”, “Near”, “Sit”, “Lie down”. You can attract attention and interest the dog in the execution of commands with the help of treats and for a correctly executed command, be sure to encourage the pet with praise, stroking, or goodies.

In raising a beagle, you need to follow the sequence and be patient. You can move on to teaching the next command after the dog has mastered the previous one well. You need to work with a beagle only in a good mood. Give commands clearly, with strict intonation. The dog must understand what the owner requires of it. You should not follow the pet’s lead and allow him to evade the execution of commands – albeit gradually, but it is necessary to achieve the task at hand. The workout should end with praise and fun games. It should be remembered that monotonous activities can quickly get bored with beagles, so training should be varied and interesting.


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