Cat Tattoo

Cat Tattoos: Meanings & Sketches

A cat tattoo is an ancient and ambiguous symbol that has many different meanings. Some peoples worshiped cats, considering them to be messengers of the gods, others saw in cats a dark force and impartial qualities.

Cat Tattoo Meanings

The meaning of a cat tattoo varies greatly and you can focus on one sense or another with the help of certain details:

  • the Indians of North America considered the cat a symbol of theft and dark forces. The same meaning has migrated to the criminal world. A tattoo of a cat on the body of a prisoner means a thief, a cat with a bunch of keys means a burglar thief. A black cat also received a meaning close to dark forces in the Russian tradition – it is a harbinger of troubles and misfortunes;
  • among many peoples, cats, especially black ones, were considered assistants to witches, symbolized magic, connection with the other world, and on a full moon the witch herself could appear in the guise of a black cat. A black cat tattoo can have a magical meaning;
  • in Japan, the cat symbolizes rest, peace, an idle lifestyle – this is reflected in the tattoo from the calm and relaxed poses of the cat;
  • in ancient Egypt there was a cult of cats, cats were worshiped, considering them to be divine animals. The ginger cat is one of the incarnations of the sun god Ra, in the form of the great cat Ra, he daily defeated the snake, symbolizing evil. If you want just such associations – look at how the Egyptians portrayed cats and stylize the tattoo;
  • a tattoo of a cat in a fighting pose, with a grin means natural aggression, strength, dexterity. Do not forget that no matter how cute the cat may seem, it remains a predator;
  • a cat with a mouse in its teeth is a symbol of victory over the enemy;
  • traces of cat paws on the body – playfulness, sexuality;
  • Sphinx cat tattoo combines traditional feline symbolism and mythology. This tattoo will emphasize the cunning and gentleness of character, and is also considered a talisman that protects against the evil eye;
  • the image on the body of a Cheshire cat from the cartoon “Alice in Wonderland” thanks to its smile has become a symbol of positive, optimism, good mood and easy life.

Also, a cat tattoo can simply mean love for these pets. The meaning based on the behavior of cats is independence, love of freedom, passion for adventure, nocturnal lifestyle. Which of the meanings to choose for a tattoo is up to you.

Cat Tattoo for Men

Male cat tattoo often symbolizes aggression, courage, bravery and other qualities inherent in men. It can be a grin, a cat in a jump, additional details in the form of a weapon or a cat’s combat ammunition. And if tattoos of a lion or a wolf are suitable for strong people, then a domestic predator, a cat, can personify those masculine qualities that a person only wants to develop in himself.

In addition, men often associate themselves with cats, well-fed and contented, who walk by themselves, lead a nocturnal lifestyle. Also popular is the image of cartoons as symbols of eternal positive.

Cat Tattoo for Women

Tattoos of cats for girls are noticeably different from those for men. These animals conquered girls with independence and grace. It is this meaning that in most cases the cat tattoo carries. And thus the girls emphasize their gracefulness, flexibility and gentleness, but at the same time willfulness and rebelliousness. Often women are credited with feline cunning.

The cat has become a real symbol of femininity, and elegance.

Cat Tattoo Styles

You can make a tattoo depicting a cat in different styles and this will carry an additional semantic load. The most popular option is a cat tattoo in the style of realism.

To emphasize the creative nature and dreaminess, you can add a few strokes of bright colors – the watercolor style can set the mood for any image.

Horror and trash cat tattoo will add aggressive and frightening notes.

The contour of a cat made of ancient tribal patterns, ornament, Slavic ligature, etc. will add ethnic motifs to tattoos and hint at the ancient symbolism of cats.

Geometry styles are typical for more rational people.

And cartoon characters will be chosen by funny people who are the soul of any company.

Places on Body

A cat tattoo will look great on any part of the body. The most common option is a tattoo on the shoulder. This is due to the relatively small size of the animal.

In addition, the cat tattoo looks great on the back, chest, legs. Girls, unlike men, prefer smaller tattoos. Therefore, the cat is ideal for the wrist, neck, shoulder blade, ankle, thigh and forearm.

Often, those who do not want to get a big tattoo choose a sketch of a tattoo with a cat’s face. This makes it possible to make the image detailed, while not occupying a large surface of the skin. The values ​​are saved.

Sketches of Cat Tattoo

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