Dashing Instagram Dog Dad Dresses Pup Son in Matching Outfits

Topher Brody and his dog Rosenberg.
Sometimes, if they are similar to each other, it begins to seem as if they are similar to each other. The theory is fully confirmed by these two. The similarities between a guy and a dog are obvious, that sometimes, at first glance, it is impossible to understand who is a human and who is a dog.

When Topher Brophy met a dog named Rosenberg, the guy immediately wanted to take the dog for himself. As the owner of the dog says, while walking with him, passers-by began to note how Topher and Rosenberg looked alike. Then the guy came up with the idea: to dress himself and the dog in the same style. The effect was so vivid and unexpected that photos with their image literally blew up the Internet.

According to Topher, “Rosenberg has a temperament that I have not seen in any other dog. He has an almost royal sense of calmness, confidence, and inner wisdom. “

Plus, Brophy and Rosenberg look oddly alike.

To further emphasize the similarities in eye color, long curls, and wild beards, Topher and Rosenberg decided to wear the same outfits.

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