Dog Astrology: Dog Zodiac Signs

Some of us believe in fortune-telling and horoscopes, someone is skeptical about any attempts to prove the influence of the stars on our destiny. However, we must all recognize that people born around the same period have distinctive features of character and behavior. Few people know that this also applies to pets. Along with people united in 12 zodiacal groups, dogs are also influenced by the zodiacal constellations.

Aries Dog [March 21 – April 20]

Like any Aries, a dog born under this sign is very active and mobile, energy gushes out of it with a fountain. The Aries dog loves long walks in the fresh air and sports. The Aries dog gravitates towards the instinct of following, therefore it will not fail to follow a bicycle, car, or bus. This requires special attention from the owner. It is necessary to pay more attention to training in this direction, or not to be let off the leash in public places. In addition, the Aries dog tends to pick up everything on the street, from leftover food to garbage. It is also necessary to pay attention to this during training. It is best to train with sign language. The most effective are energetic and quick gestures, supported by sharp loud commands.

Taurus Dog [Apr 21 – May 21]

They have a very strong character. The difficulty lies in the fact that often it is the Taurus dog that becomes the master in the house, forcing others to dance to their tune. To prevent this from happening, it is necessary to immediately put the dog in our place, defining the leading role for ourselves. The Taurus dog is distinguished by conservatism, does not as changes inhabit. You have to put up with this. The Taurus dog is prone to showing possessiveness about loved ones. Problematic qualities also include a tendency to allergic and overweight. The positive qualities of Taurus include a friendly disposition and the ability to find a common language with children and other pets. When it comes to training, a Taurus dog learns slowly but thoroughly.

Gemini Dog [May 22 – June 21]

The positive qualities of this sign include curiosity, highly developed intelligence, mobility, energy. You will not get bored with this dog. Gemini is very sensitive and emotional. Easy to train. However, along with this, the twin dog does not differ in loyalty. She will easily run after whoever offers her a toy or a treat. These dogs are often lost and not found. Therefore, a twin dog needs close control. Easy to train, a twin dog is not able to keep attention on one thing for a long time, is distinguished by rare restlessness, and gets tired quickly. As a rule, dogs of this zodiac sign are afraid of water, so they need to be taught to swim from childhood. These dogs are very thermophilic and catch colds easily.

Cancer Dog [June 22 – July 23]

A distinctive feature of this sign is vulnerability and extreme resentment, which is generally not typical of dogs. This is combined with vindictiveness. A cancer dog is afraid of loneliness and is absolutely unable to endure it. Positive qualities include a tendency to affection, a manifestation of love. The dog of this zodiac sign is very attached to the owner and home and suffers greatly from a change of place or an unsettled relationship with the owner. With great intelligence and an even more developed memory, a cancer dog is easy to train if you find the key to its heart. Get along well with children.

Leo Dog [Jul 24 – Aug 23]

The name of the sign speaks for itself. These dogs have truly royal grandeur and nobility. They have a huge impact on the owner: next to them, there is no place for the manifestation of pettiness and meanness. If a lion dog takes part in a competition or show, do not doubt that he will do everything to win first place. These dogs are prone to heart disease and need adequate rest and long sleep.

Virgo Dog [Aug 24 – Sep 23]

The sign of Virgo is a virgin ruled by Mercury. Mercury is the planet of intelligence. When Virgo and Mercury combine, they create the quietest dog in the astrological series. The Virgo dog is a champion in stressful conditions. The Virgo dog has practically no flaws. She is very clean, disciplined, attached to the owner. It is a zealous guardian of the house. The ability to train is so great that a dog of this zodiac sign can be trained to count and other circus tricks. Like Taurus, they love the routine and don’t thrive on change. Virgos love to talk and follow you from one place to another. This behavior makes them great dogs for people who like to walk and travel.

Libra Dog [September 24 – October 23]

A very balanced sign. For Libra dogs, harmony and peace in the family are important. The tense atmosphere in the house and frequent conflicts can bring the dog to a nervous breakdown and affect the work of internal organs. The Libra dog is very docile and affectionate. Knows how to subtly feel the mood and desires of the owner. These dogs are great music lovers.

Scorpio Dog [Oct 24 – Nov 22]

A rather complex sign. A distinctive feature is tremendous energy. The owner of the dog should pay a lot of attention to walking with the pet. The scorpion dog has an amazing sense of smell. She can distinguish the widest range of odors compared to dogs of other zodiacal groups. The negative qualities of the sign include intransigence and a tendency to revenge. A scorpion dog knows how to either passionately love or passionately hate. And woe to the one for whom she feels hatred.

Sagittarius Dog [Nov 23 – Dec 21]

These dogs have a keen sense of justice. At the same time, they are very cheerful and generally restless. City apartments and tight spaces are not for them. They love to travel, so they will become indispensable companions for people leading an active lifestyle associated with moving and changing surroundings. Perfectly amenable to training, take part in exhibitions with pleasure.

Capricorn Dog [Dec 22 – Jan 20]

Very level-headed dogs who love order. If you are the owner of a Capricorn dog, then get used to living on a regular schedule. Feed the Capricorn dog and walk with it on schedule. For this, the Capricorn dog will repay you with endless love and gratitude. In addition, the habit of organizing and planning your affairs will help you in your career and life.

Aquarius Dog  [Jan 21 – Feb 19]

Unlike the Capricorn dog, the Aquarius dog does not accept discipline and order. The daily routine is not for her. These dogs are inclined towards a bohemian lifestyle, are very playful, and always welcome guests. At the same time, the nervous system of an Aquarius dog is very delicate. The dog does not tolerate shouts and harsh commands. It takes patience and an immense amount of love to teach her the basic commands. This dog is the ideal companion for those with a secular lifestyle.

Pisces Dog [Feb 20 – Mar 20]

This sign has tremendously developed intuition. Sometimes the owner gets the feeling that the dog reads thoughts and anticipates desires. In addition, the Pisces dog has a subtle feeling and understanding of facial expressions and intonation. These are indispensable qualities for training. The Pisces dog is not aggressive at all but is prone to independence and self-confidence. These dogs cannot stand violence and shouts.

When purchasing a puppy, do not forget to inquire about his date of birth. Knowing your pet’s zodiac sign, you can more easily find the key to understanding his character, quickly find a common language with your pet. And peace and understanding will reign in your home!

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