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Dog Tattoos: Meanings & Sketches

The philosopher Plutarch said that the dog is a symbol of conservatism and vigilance. That is why a tattoo with a dog is mainly chosen by representatives of the stronger sex, trying to emphasize the inner strength and constancy of views. What does this image actually mean? Is a dog tattoo suitable for girls?

Dog in Different Nations

A dog is an ambiguous image that combines positive and negative aspects. In world culture, animals were treated with respect and fear at the same time. For example, in ancient times, the dog was considered a cynical creature, but at the same time it was a devoted watchman and keeper of the hearth. In the Christian religion and among the Celts, the image symbolized devotion and friendliness.

Scandinavians, Greeks, Egyptians and Hindus endowed it with mystical properties. It was believed that the dog is the guardian between the world of the living and the world of the dead. This is confirmed by the fact that ancient frescoes found during archaeological excavations often depicted gods with a black animal head. In general, the dark color symbolized involvement in evil forces, curse, witchcraft and death. The mythical dog Cerberus with three heads guarded the entrance to hell and was considered the devil’s henchman.

Native American Indians believed that a dog could heal a person, as well as warn of impending bad weather. The animal acted as a protector of people and was considered a divine messenger. In the Islamic religion, it was customary not to let the dog into the house and only use it as a guard, since it was considered unclean.

In the Middle Ages, the animal was treated with special reverence and its image was taken as the emblem of the royal house. In Mexico, it was believed that only people born in the Year of the Dog could stand in power. And among Europeans, a faithful dog symbolized marital fidelity, and drawings of an animal could be found on tombstones.

Dog Tattoo Meanings

The main meaning of a dog tattoo is loyalty, courage, determination. The owner of a tattoo with a dog on his arm is an open, sociable and friendly person. He is always ready to help and hypocrisy, cunning or meanness are unusual for him. Such a person knows what he wants from life, and faithfully goes to his goal. Will, endurance and fortitude help him to overcome obstacles, like close people who always support him in all endeavors.

In a dog tattoo, the meaning also depends on the breed of the animal and the nature of the image. What does a tattoo with a calm service animal, such as a Doberman or a Shepherd dog, mean? This image serves as a powerful talisman and protects against enemies. An angry dog ​​is a demonstration of aggression to others, and a small dog is tenderness and defenselessness. The dog’s foot tattoo symbolizes the memory of who left an indelible mark on a person’s life. Typically, such a drawing is chosen by sensitive and vulnerable girls, for whom the image serves as a reminder of bygone times or memorable events.

A tattoo with a faithful friend of a person can be seen on the body of celebrities or avid dog lovers. For example, the famous singer Miley Cyrus immortalized the memory of him with a beautiful drawing depicting the late beloved dog Floyd. Fans followed her example, and a real boom in such tattoos began in the tattoo culture.

Execution Technique

Animal tattoos look very beautiful in the technique of realism. Style conveys the smallest details and nuances. 3D tattoos are a great option for those who like to amaze others. A sketch of a tattoo with a dog looks so natural that you just want to touch the drawing with your hand to make sure it exists. It is better to apply a large tattoo on the shoulder, arm, back or chest for men.

The geometry technique is suitable for lovers of laconic and monochrome images. The animal can be depicted as an origami-style paper figure or combined with realism. A paw tattoo will look interesting in ethnic style, complemented by patterns and ornaments.

Minimalism comes in handy for creating small tattoos. The silhouette of the dog will only be outlined by the outline, without the inner fill. A similar technique is perfect for your first visit to a tattoo parlor. The best places to apply are the wrist, abdomen, back of the neck, shoulder blade.

Sketches of Dog Tattoo

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