Englishwoman Exchanged Civil Service for Serving Cats

Julie-Anne Thorne, 38, quit her job in the civil service to advise cat owners on various aspects of their animals’ behavior.

The woman stated that she intuitively feels the emotional state of the animal. And this is even from a photograph! It all started in 2012 when a woman came to the zoo with her husband and began to watch the cheetah. Suddenly sadness came over her and Julie began to cry. Later, the Englishwoman found out that the predator had recently lost its soul mate and was really in a depressed mood. Julie said, “It made me explore the empathy side, and over the years I realized that I can communicate with cats energetically and emotionally.”

In 2019, she quit her main job and devoted all of her time to private practice. Now she helps owners of animals who show aggression or any other non-standard behavior. During this time, Julie has helped 40 clients, who, by the way, pay her 195 pounds sterling for a consultation. She also sells her herbs. For example, if a woman feels that the cat is angry, then she prescribes a mixture of hops, jasmine, rosebuds, and valerian root. In a depressed state, cats receive angelica root, St. John’s wort flowers, and lemon balm, and a grieving cat is recommended a mixture of yarrow and linden flowers with the addition of lavender.

Cats these days are nervous because we are constantly under stress. People often do not realize how much their emotions affect cats. They understand our stress, anger, and this changes their behavior,” explains the Englishwoman.

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