Family from England Found Missing Cat 13 Years Later

A family from England lost their beloved cat Ozzy 13 years ago. The pet disappeared, and no matter how they looked for it, it was all in vain. Years passed, and the owners had already forgotten about it and lost all hope. But one day, flipping through the feed in social networks, the hostess accidentally saw a photo of a cat that seemed very familiar to her ..

Natalie Wright, a resident of the English city of Newton Abbott, lost her cat Ozzy more than 13 years ago. It was grief for the whole family – the cat suddenly disappeared from the house, and the woman was looking for him for months. She posted missing ads wherever possible, including on social media – but the cat was never found.

“We thought that Ozzy was gone, or another family took him away,” said the hostess. Recently, a photo of a cat appeared on Facebook in the group of the animal rescue center Hector’s House. Reported that someone saw him in the same area, and asked users whose cat it is. Natalie accidentally came across these photos, and she recognized something very familiar in them.

It turned out that the cat was found in a park a few kilometers from Natalie’s house. The hostess felt in her heart – this is her boy. She could not believe her eyes and everything that was happening, but immediately wrote to the shelter, and on the same day she took the cat. She still does not believe in what happened: “The fact that we found him after so many years is simply unthinkable. When we got home, he quickly got used to it. It feels like he never left,” says Natalie.

Ozzy remembered and sniffed the other pets of the owners, a cat and a dog, with whom he lived before. On the first night at home, he went to bed in his favorite place. The staff of the shelter and the owners will not forget this story – after all, this is an amazing rarity.

Appreciate and take care of your pets!

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