German Shepherd

German Shepherd: Breed History & Origin

According to historical data, the German Shepherd breed was developed more than 100 years ago. Memories of dogs, which in appearance and exterior resemble modern Germans, can be found in chronicles dating back to the 7th century BC. They were large, tall, hardy, intelligent dogs with a well-developed guarding instinct. The main purpose of the old ancestors of the Germans was to protect grazing flocks from wild animals, to drive flocks over long distances. During the day, the dogs tirelessly covered distances of 200 km. In addition, the dogs perfectly adapted to various living conditions. Hunters used the ancestors of the Germans as assistants, thanks to their excellent instinct, developed by nature the sense of smell.

In the late 19th century, the working qualities of dogs were highly regarded by German dog breeders. In particular, Shparvasser and Vakhsmut, fearing a decline in sheep breeding, a decrease in demand for Shepherd dogs, decide to engage in breed selection. They decide to breed a new breed of dogs that, in addition to herding work, will have guarding and other equally useful working skills. The new breed was bred on the basis of herding dogs with excellent genetic data. The breeders chose the hardy, strong Wütenberg Sheepdog and the tall, graceful Thuringian Sheepdog, popular in the southern regions of Germany, for breeding. As a result, a new breed was bred, the first representatives of which differed significantly in temperament, character, and appearance. But on the whole, the selection was successful. The breed has not received official recognition.

The ancestor of the breed was Max von Shtafanitz, who decided not to stop at the achieved results, continuing the selection. The aim of the breeding was to create a beautiful breed with excellent working parameters. For breeding, the best individuals were selected, combining endurance, sharp mind, high intelligence. The beginning of the breed line was put by a dog named Horand. In addition to Horand, the main ancestors of modern Germans are considered Muts von Pelzelpharm, Kvanto.

The starting point for the development of the breed is considered to be 1882 (20th century). At one of the exhibitions, a gray male named Greif was presented, which conquered with its exterior and excellent working parameters. Two years later, the physical and performance characteristics of the first German Shepherds, their high working potential, conquered dog lovers and breeders all over the world. The breed became more and more popular every year. In many countries, nurseries began to appear specializing in breeding this breed, unique in all respects.

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