German Shepherds & Kids: A Guide for Parents

German Shepherds are famous for their obedience, intelligence, and good-natured disposition. Representatives of the breed get along well with people, even with very young ones. The German Shepherd and children are able to find a common language if their acquaintance and interaction are subject to certain rules.

Features of the Breed

The German Shepherd is bred from herding dogs. The ancestors of this breed have guarded flocks of sheep for centuries. The dogs made sure that the animals did not fight back from the group, drove away predators from them, and protected them from other dangers. They are clearly aware of their role in the pack and are able to control forces. Thus, the German Shepherd can become a reliable and safe nanny for the child.

Temperamental traits inherent in the breed:

  • courage;
  • sociability;
  • high ability to train and comprehension;
  • stable psyche.

Males are more stubborn than females and more difficult to train. The methods are the same, but the guy’s master needs to be more persistent in teaching. Females are calmer and in them, the warmth to children is reinforced by the maternal instinct.

The German Shepherd is friendly to children. With the right upbringing, the dog will not allow itself to harm a family member. The dog protects the child, takes part in the care, and plays with pleasure.

German Shepherd & Children Under 3 Years Old

Children under three years old require increased attention, a small puppy up to 5-6 months old too. Taking care of a young German Shepherd Dog and a baby at the same time is a laborious task. If possible, it is advisable to postpone the purchase of a dog until the baby begins to stand firmly on his feet and control his movements.

If the children and the dog already live in the same house:

  • access to the baby’s room for the pet must be limited;
  • cleaning should be done thoroughly and at least once a day to prevent allergies;
  • the baby and the Shepherd should not be left alone, but you should definitely show each other regularly.

If a newborn is expected in a family where an adult German lives, it is worth paying special attention to their acquaintance. While the beloved mistress is in the hospital, the Shepherd will be bored and anxious.

In order not to scold the pet for the violent manifestation of joy when the mother meets the baby, during the return, it is advisable to take the dog for a walk. After that, the mother needs to be released into the street to the German Shepherd. The joyful meeting will take place in comfortable conditions and the Shepherd will return home more calmly.

In order for an adult dog to get used to having a new family member, it is helpful to give him sniffing baby things. It is better to do this before leaving the hospital.

An adult Shepherd may be allowed to inspect the baby in the stroller. Pet games may only be played under parental supervision. The puppy can accidentally injure the baby. An adult German will not allow himself to offend a child, even if the child causes him discomfort, but do not abuse the German’s patience.

Friendship of a Shepherd Dog & a Child 5-14 Years Old

Whether a German Shepherd and a child get along at this age depends largely on the child. The parent should independently assess whether the younger family members are ready for such a neighborhood.

Children need to understand that:

  • the dog has daily needs and needs to be looked after;
  • the pet is not a toy, it has its own desires and plans that will have to be reckoned with;
  • animals are in pain and must be handled with care;
  • the role of the dog in society and the danger to other people.

A child can and should be trusted with a part of daily pet care. A German Shepherd dog with children enjoys active games. If the child treats the dog with respect, you can not be afraid to leave them alone.

German Shepherd & Teen

The German Shepherd gets along well with a teenager. During the transition period, the pet will become a real friend for the maturing personality. A young dog breeder is able to educate a German, teach him commands and funny tricks. For a pet, a teenager is no longer a “baby of the pack”. The puppy will perceive the teenager as the owner and the senior companion in the group.

A German shepherd dog with children can easily find a common language. Parents may not be afraid of aggression or conflict situations if young people see a living creature in a pet with their own needs and temperament.

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