“Grumpy Cat” Earned The Owners 500 Thousand Euros

The fortune of the world-famous cat on the Internet has increased by half a million euros. This is the amount that the Grenada coffee and drinks company is obliged to pay for violating the copyright of a gloomy celebrity.

The real name of the sullen cat is Tardar Sauce. According to the owners, the animal’s angry expression is caused by feline dwarfism, a gene for which is very rare.

Tardar’s parents are ordinary cats, without any deviations. It is thanks to its gloomy appearance that the cat has become popular among users of the World Wide Web. It all started with videos on youtube, later a Christmas movie and several television shows were shot, and photos of Tardar appeared on various products.

The owners of the “Grumpy Cat” filed a complaint with a California federal court against the coffee company, whose management violated the terms of the agreement on the use of the feline image.

The agreement between the owners of the Grenada company and representatives of Grumpy Cat for the amount of 150 thousand dollars was concluded in 2013. The company acquired the right to place a photo of the “gloomy cat” on the packaging of cold coffee.

The drink was named “Grumppucinos”. However, this year, Grenada began to produce T-shirts and roasted coffee in packages with a picture of a cat’s face, thereby violating the terms of the contract and the animal’s copyright. In turn, the management of the coffee company filed a counterclaim, accusing the owners of the animal of default on advertising obligations.

According to the representatives of Grenada, at the time of the conclusion of the contract, they were promised the promotion of “Grumppucinos” in social networks, which in fact did not happen. Despite a number of claims from the coffee company, the court sided with the “Grumpy Cat” and ordered the defendant to pay all damages and fines for violating the terms of the contract.

The total amount was 750 thousand dollars, this is how much the court estimated the damage caused. Thus, the cat’s fortune increased by half a million euros, and new videos from the courtroom appeared on the network.

The “Grumpy Cat”, in spite of his solid five-year age, was taken to court and was present throughout the hearing. At the announcement of the court’s decision, the animal was no longer there.

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