Hero Cats: Touching Stories of Cats That Changed People’s Lives

Sometimes animals are much more than just pets to us. They are our guardian angels who help to go through life’s difficulties and the most difficult times. Although many are convinced that cats are quite selfish creatures, this collection proves once again how they are able to feel a person and help. Every year, the UK organizes the National Cat Awards, where the owners talk about their hero cats. Here are some of these stories.

Weasleys and Jinx – “Employees” of the Nursing Home

Two years ago, two cats appeared in a nursing home in the English city of St. Leonards, which still do not leave its walls. A couple of Weasleys and Jinx help seniors relieve stress. They are always close to old people, calm them down and gladly give their love. All seniors love these cats and are always glad to see them. The staff notes that the presence of cats has an extremely positive effect on patients!

Nala Pulled the Mistress Out of Depression

When Olivia Asher was 17, she was diagnosed with psychosis due to mental health problems. She was tormented by hallucinations and negative thoughts, and the girl tried to commit suicide. A friend suggested that Olivia have a pet, and at a local shelter she found a kitten named Nala. After a few days with the pet, the girl started to recover. She has attacks of obsessive negative thoughts, but the cat always feels this, and comes to calm and help. Now Olivia is successfully studying at the university, her life has changed dramatically – largely thanks to Nala!

Paddy – the Cat Who “Works” in the Cemetery

The Paddy family lives five minutes from Co-op Funeralcare’s Mayfields Remembrance Park in the UK. Over the past few years, a 10-year-old cat has been going to the cemetery every day, communicating with its visitors, and calming those who have come to say goodbye to their loved ones. Many people know him and write about him on the Internet, as about a fluffy “therapist” in a cemetery. Paddy’s owners support, and are only glad that their pet can help someone cope with grief at least a little.

Toby is a Faithful Companion of His Mistress

Toby appeared in the life of his mistress, Misha, when the girl was 10 years old, and he was a tiny kitten. Misha had serious mental health problems, she tried to commit suicide, and at the age of 15 she was taken into a foster family. All this time, Toby was her guardian angel, who never left the girl … Now Misha is already 26 years old, and he and Toby live in the girl’s own house. He is already an old man, and now Misha helps him in everything and supports him, as he once helped her.

Bruno the Cat Helped the Couple Cope with Grief

Britons Caroline and Damon Green survived grief – their little daughter Freya died on the fifth day after birth complications. The couple found consolation unexpectedly. At that time, a box was thrown into their yard containing four tiny kittens. The couple looked after them, and this helped them at least a little distract from the loss. When the kittens grew up, the guys found owners for them, but they kept one of them for themselves. Bruno has become a full-fledged member of the family – the owners like him, and the cat reciprocates them.

Simba Appeared in the Life of the Owners During a Difficult Period

Veterinary clinic nurse Liz was caring for a cat named Simba who was hit by a car. The cat had several injuries, but the staff managed to save him. Later, the nurse took the cat to her, because she was very used to him. But the joy did not last long. Soon, Liz’s husband was diagnosed with cancer, and she spent all the time with him in the hospital while her 16-year-old son and Simba were at home. A month later, Liz’s husband passed away – this was a grief for the whole family. But in the most difficult times, Simba was their main outlet and joy. He seemed to feel everything, and reassured Liz and her son, who, according to Liz, was especially hard on the death of his father. Several years passed, and the sadness subsided. But Liz still says that thanks to Simba’s kind heart, it was easier for them, and they are incredibly grateful to fate for the fact that he appeared in their lives.

Mikey Helped a Woman Cope with Loss

In 2017, Britons Jessica and Connor lost their first child. They grieved for a long time, and soon Connor was taken to the service. One day she accidentally heard about a homeless one-eyed cat, which was found on the street in her area, and decided to take him to her. This meeting was fateful. Mikey has become a woman’s best friend. Thanks to him, she got out of depression, began to leave the house more often, and after her husband returned from service, they decided to try to have a child. Now their son is 4 years old.

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