Homeless Bipedal Dog Found Family in China: See How He Has Changed

Basil was found on the streets of China. Due to the injury, he had to amputate his hind legs, and after that, he went a long way to get at least a chance for a new life. But now you do not recognize this dog.

A small Terrier was picked up on the street of one of the Chinese cities by volunteers. The dog’s hind legs were crippled; he could not walk. Unfortunately, the veterinarian issued a conclusion that it would not be possible to save the paws, and Basil had to undergo surgery. Both of his hind legs were amputated, and from that day on, he needed special care every day – far more than any other dog.

Local rescuers decided that in China, a disabled person has no chance of a normal life. They agreed with a canine organization in Canada, 9,000 kilometers from their home. There they had to accept the puppy and try to find suitable owners for him. The journey was not easy – at first, it was 12 hours by train, all alone; then a flight to Toronto in the company of a stranger who agreed to take the live cargo. Then – acclimatization and search for a new home.

He was absolutely unhappy, completely crushed by the trials that had fallen on him, when he got into the car with Sarah Koslitski. She planned to take the Terrier for temporary overexposure to help him adapt and improve his health. But the moment they first met, Sarah realized that this was forever. His path is over.

This is the most pleasant kind of failure: when someone takes a pet for temporary overexposure and keeps it for themselves forever. Sarah took a puppy for herself in April 2020, and after a year and a half, he turned into a funny and handsome dog from an unfortunate, frightened and timid creature. Basil loved cheese and hot dog sausages – and running around the house like crazy. It turned out that you didn’t even need hind legs for this.

Koshlitski admits that she never for a second regretted her decision. She is scared to even think about what her puppy went through, and she is glad that now he has a home and a family. True, the first few weeks with a special needs puppy were pretty tough. Sarah even doubted that she would cope with such a responsibility, but gradually she got used to the routine of caring for a disabled dog. “Be patient and be protective,” she says.

Grooming for a disabled dog is about more than just pretty Instagram photos, though Basil is of course just adorable. He needs constant help.

Sarah changes her diaper every two hours because the dog can’t control urination. Every two hours, diaper rash cream and baby powder. In addition, he needs daily baths, antibiotics twice a day, and regular visits to the groomer and veterinarian. But all the effort is worth it.

When Sarah brought Basil home, he was afraid of other cats and dogs, and now he has friends in the park to play with. He loves to run, knows how to bring a thrown stick or a ball. He may not even use a stroller when he wants to run and jump. Sometimes he rushes so fast that he jumps out of the stroller, and he has to wait for Sarah to release him from the straps. Then she fastens on it a special bag that protects the hind legs. And he runs around like crazy again.

Would you take the risk of caring for a disabled dog?

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