How to Photograph Dogs: 10 Great Tips

How to photograph dogs correctly? This question is faced by every owner who decides to photograph his pet. In this article, you will find 10 great tips. Good luck!

Don’t Be Afraid to Get Dirty

As when photographing people, the camera should be at eye level with your model, so you need to sit down, or even lie down on the ground.

Keep Track of the Background

Unlike shooting human portraits, attention needs to be paid not only to the background but also to the floor! Since the dog is low and close to the ground, any debris or other distracting objects will be conspicuous. If it is possible to remove these objects or change the location, it is better to do this than to take away the garbage in Photoshop for a long time.

Reward Your Dog

Always take a toy or favorite treat with you for a walk to reward your dog after the photoshoot. Remember, if the dog is not interested in anything, then over time it will lose interest in this boring activity.

Surprise the Dog

Learn to make different sounds with your mouth, and if you can’t, buy a special toy, a chicken, or a pig. And don’t be afraid to sound funny to passers-by; the result you get will fully compensate for this.

Take an Assistant With You

Better TWO! 🙂 It is much easier to get a good shot if you are completely focused on the photograph, and not on a few more things at the same time – drawing attention to an example. Also, the assistant can hold a reflector or flash to highlight shadows.

Keep Track of Shutter Speed and Focus

Dogs are constantly on the move, so watch your shutter speed and focus. When shooting motion, you can set a shutter speed of 1/640 for movement parallel to the camera, and no longer than 1/1000 for movement on the camera.

Choose the Right Time to Take Your Photos

It is considered optimal to shoot within two hours after dawn and two hours before sunset, but this time also varies depending on the season (for example, in winter and autumn during these hours, the sky is covered with haze, which almost does not let the sun through). To find out the hours of sunrise and sunset, just go to any weather forecast website.

Consider Your Dog’s Temperament

It is necessary to take into account the individual characteristics of your dog when shooting: breed, temperament, age. It is impossible to require a small puppy to follow the commands that an adult dog can easily do; the puppy is easier to catch in motion, play, or when he sleeps) Also, each breed has its own characteristics and some simply cannot be made to pose the way you want. No need to be offended and yell at the dog – this will only aggravate the matter. It is better to be patient and wait for the dog to take the necessary position on its own.

Choose Location Carefully

There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a location for photographs: first, it must be a place with few people so that you can free the dog from the leash; secondly, the more diverse the location itself, the more interesting pictures you get. You need to understand that 50% of the result depends on the location you choose, since in a beautiful place with different interesting locations for shooting, you have more chances to get beautiful photographs than in your yard.

Experiment and Have Fun!

If you’re stumped, try a different angle or change your lens. And remember, the best photos come out when you convey genuine emotion, so have fun with your dog!

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