Incredibly Cute Friendship of a Golden Retriever and a Little Girl

Two years ago, an addition happened to a family from the United States – baby Macy was born. The whole family was delighted with this wonderful event, including the Golden Retriever Marshall. From the first days, when the girl was brought, he did not leave her, and spent almost all the time next to her.

The dog became a loyal and brave nanny for the baby – he guarded her when she slept, played with her and endured when she prevented him from sleeping: “With Macy, Marshall became an amazingly calm and gentle creature. He was happy to have her in our family,” – says the girl’s mother.

Macy’s mom started an Instagram account, where she publishes photos from the life of this friendly couple – and this is sheer cute. Now Macy is already two years old, but she is still close with her best furry friend – they do everything together.

Of course, being a 24/7 nanny is not easy – it requires a lot of patience and, most importantly, love. But Marshall is doing a great job – because he adores his “little sister”. “Sometimes I see how he just wants to go to sleep, and Macy starts pestering him. Then he looks at me with his trademark look, begging for help, and it’s very funny,” says the mother of the family.

Check out these cute pics:

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