Jack Russell Terrier: Breed History & Origin

Jack Russell Terrier is an old breed of classic English Terriers, which received their official recognition much recently, more than a hundred years ago. Until 1900, Jacks were not yet Jacks, they were brought out of the English Fox Terriers by a man named John Russell. Thus began the history of the Jack Russell Terrier!

John Russell was a priest and an avid hunter. He did large-scale selection work to improve the hunting qualities of the breed.

The main criterion then was the character of Jack Russell. It had to be a brave and courageous dog. Previously, the external characteristics had to correspond to burrowing fox hunting. As a result, it is short in stature, lowered ears, into which the earth should not fall, powerful jaws, and white color – so as not to confuse the animal with prey.

Back in 1818, John Russell, nicknamed Jack, acquired his most famous dog – a white wire-haired Fox Terrier with brown spots. It was she who became the “mother” for the next generation of Jack Russells, as the owner crossed her with different Terriers to improve her purebred qualities. In some cases, the pastor used fighting dogs, which are still imprinted in the Jack Russell breed. Over time, the breed gained popularity among hunters and farmers.

Jack Russell’s pedigree knows several famous breeds that were used for introductory crossbreeding: Bulldogs, Sealyham Terriers, Lakeland Terriers.

As a result, in 1873, John Russell registered not only a new breed of Terriers, he also organized the Kennel Club, in which he became not only the main protagonist but also an active developer of the wire-haired Terrier standard.

This is how the history of the Jack Russell Terrier breed began.

In the middle of the twentieth century, the breed was brought to France, from where the Jacks’ journey across Europe began. In 1975, the breed standards were officially approved. In the homeland of the Jack Russells, in Britain, the club of this breed was opened only in 1975, despite the fact that the breed itself was already in full use for hunting and as pets in aristocratic lands. In France, the official breed club was opened even later, in 1990.

Today, Jack can be seen in city apartments, on farmlands, and as a hunting companion. There are two types of Terriers – Jack Russell Terrier and Parson Russell Terrier.

The best Jack Russell Terriers are dogs that are bred by responsible breeders: they are born strong, hardy, and friendly.

5 interesting facts about Jack Russell:

  • The first Jacks were wire-haired Jack Russell Terriers. John Russell (father of the breed) bred dogs with a hard coat.
  • Jack Russell Terriers do not kill prey, but only drive it and, if necessary, drive it out of the hole.
  • In 1977, Jack Russell, the Vampire, killed a ton of rats in England in one year.
  • The popularity of the breed was brought by the film “The Mask” with Jim Carrey. The film perfectly reveals the character of the dog, and the breed itself was called “masked dogs” for some time.
  • The Jack Russell Terrier breed received official recognition only in 1994.

These kids are artistic and get along well with the owner. Of course, like any dog, the Jack Russell Terrier needs adequate training and education.

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