Japanese Chin – Treasure of the Land of the Rising Sun

A miniature dog with silky long hair and unearthly gaze of shiny dark eyes in ancient Japan was considered the messenger of the gods, and nothing else.

A beautiful dog brightened up the monotonous everyday life of Japanese titled persons – aristocrats, emperors, and clergy.

Japanese Chins, called the Sacred Lions of the Buddha, hid under the secure roofs of temples or imperial palaces.

Such excellent living conditions did not affect the dog’s character at all. Japanese chins did not show any arrogance or absurdity of disposition, on the contrary, it is worth looking for more unpretentious and delicate creatures among the fellows of the animal world. The combination of high intelligence with natural tact and subtle outlook allowed little dogs to remain best friends and silent accomplices in people’s experiences.

A dog’s devoted gaze penetrated into the deepest layers of human mood, unmistakably determining what feelings lurk in the soul of the owner and the Japanese chins behaved, adjusting to the mood of their master.

Depending on the situation, the dogs could be energetic and spontaneous or become almost invisible in the presence of guests; could wildly have fun and jump joyfully. When the owner was thinking about the difficulties of life, the animal was simply next to the owner, imperceptibly taking on a part of the burden that weighed him down. Chins have never attracted undue attention to themselves and, moreover, it is not in their rules to show importunity and impatience in search of the owner’s favor.

Japanese Chins in any circumstances “did not lose their face”, as true representatives of their masters. But like any living creature, small and loyal dogs were ready at any moment to generously share their cheerful emotions. And they expected very little from their owners: attention and tenderness, the touch of a gentle hand.

The appearance of the Chins is quite consistent with their vulnerable and sensitive nature: a cute face with lively, slightly slanted eyes is an example of perfection, and a miniature figure has ideal proportions.

A slanting look was also considered a dignity and did not cause unpleasant feelings. Such an expression of the eyes has been formed in dogs for centuries, because for the Japanese, a direct look is too frank and persistent, and for the Japanese style of communication it is completely unacceptable. Tenderness and gentleness can heal the soul, this is precisely the meaning of exotic dogs.

Hins is characterized by the best traits of a canine character: courage and valor, selflessness and devotion, good nature and cheerfulness. Thanks to the poise and dignity of the Japanese Chin, the master’s dwelling will never be announced by disturbing barks. And caring for this dog is very simple, it seems as if it is not the owner who cares for the chin, but the domestic dog creates coziness and comfortable living conditions for its master. Animals go out of their way so that their presence is not noticeable and gives the master only pure calm joy.

The entire pedigree of the Japanese dog is associated with living next to a person. This little guest from faraway Japan entered our homes for a reason, his presence fills people’s lives with peace and harmony. The entire history of the existence of the Japanese Chin proves that the dog returns the lost balance to fragile human souls, brings peace and understanding to the house.

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