Kitten Almost Died – a Dog Came to the Rescue

When Peggy’s kitten was admitted to a veterinary clinic in Perth, Australia, her chances of survival were slim: she was seriously injured and doctors had to amputate her leg. However, in the ensuing struggle for survival, she received unexpected support – from a dog.

Kitten is in Mortal Danger

A few days ago, passersby took the tiny kitten Peggy to a veterinary clinic in Perth. The cat was only ten days old, weighed only 172 grams, and was seriously injured: her right hind leg was severely swollen and she struggled to survive. To save Peggy, doctors had to immediately amputate her injured leg.
But even after that, the baby was still in mortal danger.

To give the cat as much rest as possible, Veterinary Nurse Kate took the kitten home with her. There, she looked after him around the clock, but in the end, the decisive care did not come from her.

Because on the first day, her dog Moon jumped and for hours lovingly took care of Peggy: he hugged her, gave her warmth, and always took care of her, reports Kate on Instagram.

Dog Caring for Sick Peggy Cat

Thanks to Peggy’s extremely strong fighting spirit, her will to survive, and Moon’s affectionate care, the kitten is no longer in mortal danger. In the warm coat of the dog, she was able to recuperate and recharge.

Thanks to Kate’s support, the velvet paw gained an impressive 60 grams in a few days.

Now, almost two weeks after the operation, Peggy looks healthy. Together with her loving tutor Moon, she now learns to walk on three legs, and her four-legged friend never lets her out of sight.

With such a loyal companion by your side, nothing stands in the way of happy feline life!

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