Life of One Dog Family in Photos

This American family from the state of Utah, from the city of Salt Lake City, is famous all over the world for being very fond of dogs. And they also like to take pictures of their wonderful pets in it!

A cheerful company of two mischievous Dachshunds and a charming Weimaraner captivated the hearts of millions!

Meet! Pictured above – from left to right: Weimaraner Harlow and two miniature Dachshunds Indiana Thunderbolt and Reese Lightning.

At first glance, this cute “gang” is the most common favorite dogs…

But when you start looking at their photos, you realize that your face is stretched into a wide smile, which is already impossible to contain. 🙂

Their faces are so expressive, and their facial expressions are so bright that looking at them, the mood will surely begin to rise!

Funny Dachshunds love to pose for photos:

The next photo can be titled – “Don’t even think about it!” 😉

Look what a wonderful Dachshund donut!

But Indiana and Reese prepared for Halloween:

And here’s Harlow’s reaction to Dachshund suits:

And here is the whole company in bright pumpkin suits:

This trio is very cute, look how they sleep together:

The most sincere love!

The owner simply takes pictures of her dogs, whatever they do.
Here they are waiting for their breakfast:

Rest after taking a bath:

Here is such a fun company – funny Dachshunds and a kind-hearted Weimaraner who live in perfect harmony and make the world around them kinder!

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