Non-Barking Dogs: Breeds That Never Bark

Even if you adore dogs, the constant barking can annoy even you. In essence, all breeds of dogs make certain sounds, but there are some that do not bark. They make sounds so rarely that their owners may never hear the voice of their pet. There are unique breeds of dogs that, with their so-called barking, can surprise almost any person who is not familiar with bizarre breeds.


The most famous “non-barking” dog is the Basenji. It is a compact hunting dog that comes from Africa. Initially, the breed was developed for hunting games. Basenji does not bark. Instead, she can make certain sounds, similar to moaning and howling. Representatives of this breed are very shy, if there are other dogs in the environment, then the Basenji can be on the sidelines. Diligent manners, playfulness, and tenderness have made this dog very popular.


The graceful and sensual Saluki dog can bark, but very rarely. They are bred to help hunt gazelles. Saluki dogs bark only when they feel they are in danger, or when they are alone for a long time. This breed of dog prefers a calm atmosphere, they do not like noise and crowds, which leads them to a state of excitement and sometimes stress. Saluki dogs are very affectionate, and therefore are popular dogs in families with children.

Shiba Inu

Shiba Inu is the smallest originally Japanese dog. She rarely barks, her bark is often called “Shiba cry”. This sound is very similar to the shrill cry an animal makes when excited or frightened. In addition, the Shiba Inu can make such sounds as a sign of protest when he does not like something. Dogs of this breed are very individual, but, at the same time, are distinguished by their devotion to their owner.

New Guinea Singing Dog

This breed is often referred to as the “singing dog”. It is considered an endangered species and is often found in zoos. Such “singers” can also be found in ordinary families. This dog does not bark, but howls. The sounds this dog makes will change depending on what the pet wants to tell you.

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