Owl & Dog

Owl & Dog: Cute Friendship in Photos

Regular blog readers have probably noticed our love for high-quality professional photos for a long time. We are especially impressed by photo projects dedicated to dogs.

It is with great pleasure that we introduce you to the work of the German animal photographer Tanja Brandt from Remscheid. The unusual friendship of her pets, captured in unique soulful photos, definitely deserves our attention!

“Animals are my passion! My life! And photography of animals is my second passion because it allows me to combine photographs and animals. ” – Tanja says.

Ingo is the beautiful Belgian Malinois Shepherd – the main character in the photography. He is very well-mannered and patient, so he is always ready to pose for a long time.

Ingo has a faithful friend who is always there – a miniature owl named Napoleon. The home name of the owlet is Poldi.

Looking at the fabulous photos of Ingo and Poldi bosom friends, you get a real aesthetic pleasure! Tanja Brandt has an amazing talent for noticing the beauty of nature.

It is clear that with each photograph you need to work a lot – to come up with a plot, build a composition, etc. But each frame is so harmonious and natural that we have no doubt that the animals are comfortable to be around!

Tanja is engaged in birds of prey, she has several feathered pets. In addition to the owlet Poldi, a hawk, for example, sometimes participates in joint photo sessions with Ingo.

“I cannot imagine life without a dog, and in my environment, there are hardly any people who do not love these animals, says Tanja Brandt.

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