Photographer Captures The Real Emotions of Animals

Amsterdam-based young photographer and filmmaker Robert Bahou posts pictures of pets on his Instagram. Portraits turn out to be incredibly bright and emotional because animals are always sincere in expressing their feelings.

Agree, many of us are ready to eagerly watch videos in which puppies enjoy playing with their owners, commit innocent pranks, or cats demonstrate a range of feelings that famous actors will envy – from resentment and contempt to love and tenderness. Robert Bahou considers pets to be the best models because they are completely natural both in life and in front of the lens. Dogs, cats, and horses took part in the photo session he organized. The pictures quickly spread across the Internet, and 12 thousand followers on the Instagram account are just the beginning. The secret of the success of this series of photos lies in their expressiveness, which “catches” and allows you to see the individual character traits of pets.

“The most difficult thing is to make the animal sit still for at least a couple of seconds. I’m glad I learned this art. In part, it is even the talent of a trainer. ”

In the future, Robert plans to Captures lions, walruses, wolves, and chimpanzees. And his cherished dream is to work with pandas.

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