Pomeranians: Attitude Towards Children

Pomeranians and children, especially small ones, quickly find a common language. This very energetic dog can play with the child for hours without showing signs of fatigue. Pomeranians and children are on the same wavelength, preferring active pastimes. Watching their fun games is a pleasure for parents.

Features of the Pomeranian

It is important to remember that pets are not toys and your Pomeranian in particular. The main advantages of a cute dog are:

  • good health and a correspondingly high life expectancy;
  • minimal loss of hair if the dog sheds;
  • well-developed guard instinct;
  • loyalty to the owner;
  • brave temperament.

Rules for Communication of a Child with a Pomeranian

Your baby should understand that the dog, like all living things, is in pain and does not always like to sit in his arms. You can’t force a cute Pomeranian to do something against his will. If the child does not assimilate this idea, you risk getting an evil hysterical dog instead of a cute pet.

Despite their good health, Pomeranians are very sensitive to diet. For this breed, a candy given by children may end with a visit to the veterinarian. That is why you should follow some rules for handling a Pomeranian and be sure to explain them to your child. When handling such a fragile animal, it is not allowed:

  • you can not often take the dog in your arms, as an accidental fall can lead to injury to the animal;
  • rough handling, for example, tail pulling, is prohibited;
  • feeding the Pomeranian with sweets is excluded.

Pomeranian is a Child’s Best Friend

The Pomeranian is very loyal to the “pack” and is always happy to serve a little member of your family. The breed’s inherent agility allows it to perform breathtaking stunts, and training, thanks to innate intelligence, will not cause trouble even for a beginner. For the formation of normal behavior, it is very important not to deprive the pet of communication with children for a long time.

Remember that the dog worships the owner and all family members. Do not be too strict in education, encourage play with children, and the Pomeranian will repay with endless love and devotion.


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