Rottweilers: Attitude Towards Children

Of course, a Rottweiler and children can get along well, but it is better not to leave family members that are too small with the dog alone – the dog can take any movement of the child’s play for a threat. Although representatives of this breed have not only protective qualities, but also a peaceful character, they will not tolerate disrespectful attitudes towards themselves. How Rottweilers relate to people and animals, you will learn from this article.

Versatile Temperament

Rottweilers are quite versatile. On the one hand, the history of the origin of the breed influenced the formation of their character. Bred by German butchers to guard their herds and property, Rottweilers received such characteristic features as:

  • courage;
  • endurance;
  • the ability to endure pain;
  • determination.

Over time, such work ceased to be in demand due to the construction of railways, and they stopped massively getting dogs of this breed. But this did not stop them from becoming popular again due to their working qualities. For the police and rescuers, such assistants came in handy. Rottweilers knew how to perform difficult tasks, such as capturing criminals and rescuing people.

It would seem that dogs of this breed have found their place. However, this is not the only thing that the Rottweilers have been able to achieve. Balanced and disciplined animals, as befits real German breeds, these dogs were able to become excellent pets.

Having come a long way from a nomad to a pet, the Rottweilers, nevertheless, did not change the traditions of the breed. They remained serious and intelligent dogs, capable of making decisions on their own. But the newfound family was able to reveal other features of the temperament of these dogs.

It turned out that the Rottweiler is a funny and kind dog, capable of obeying its owner and loving him and other family members. And he can live both on the street and in an apartment. But with different people and animals, at home and outside the home, the Rottweiler behaves differently. In some cases, it all depends on the circumstances, in others – on the nature of the dog. Let’s look at a few examples.

Attitude Towards the Owner

Rottweilers, who have always lived side by side with people, initially knew how and loved to execute the commands of their masters, as required by their field of activity. And now they are also able to coherently interact with the owner, respect his decisions and protect from dangers.

You cannot say about Rottweiler that he is an intellectual with a fine mental organization because he is very stubborn and straightforward. But dogs of this breed can subtly feel changes in the owner’s mood and almost always try to adapt to them. Willingness to serve and please is one of the most important characteristics of these animals. For this, they are loved and chosen as a faithful friend, companion, and guard.

However, not everything is as simple as it seems at first glance. The dog will grow up calm and obedient only if the owner is able to achieve this. Therefore, only a leader with a balanced psyche can educate and train a Rottweiler. In this case, the animal will faithfully serve him for many years.

Attitude Towards Children

A Rottweiler and a child can become good friends, especially if they grew up together. In this case, the dog feels responsible for the life of the baby, and tries, if possible, to protect him from various dangers.

But a dog of this breed is not an animal that will tolerate a child’s too-free behavior for a long time. This does not mean that the Rottweiler does not like children, it is just that some games may not be to the dog’s taste. This applies, first of all, to the smallest family members.

Unconscious attempts by the toddler to poke the dog in the eye or pull the tail can end in failure. Rottweilers are not patient nannies, they do not like these movements. To show the baby that this should not be done, the dog can bite him.

Therefore, representatives of this breed are more suitable for families with teenagers than with babies. A ten-year-old child can already understand what can and cannot be done with a dog. The main thing is that he immediately knows that the dog must be respected. Then there will be no annoying misunderstandings.

If a family with small children still decided to have a Rottweiler, then the owner will have to cultivate respect for each other in the kids and the dog. And also constantly monitor the joint games of the animal and the children in order to avoid possible problems.

But other people’s children in a Rottweiler often do not cause feelings of affection. Dogs of this breed are suspicious of strangers, be it an adult or a small child.

Attitude Towards Other Animals

Like any dog, the Rottweiler does not particularly favor other people’s animals, especially their fellows. But he will not throw himself at every stranger dog and run after every stranger’s cat down the street, especially with a good upbringing and timely socialization. Indeed, at heart, the Rottweiler is not at all a brawler and not a bully.

But there will be no trace of calmness if one of the animals wants to attack the owner of the Rottweiler or other household members. In this case, the dog will not only scare away the ill-wisher with a formidable look and loud barking but can also rush in pursuit if he starts to run away.

A dog of this breed can treat pets in different ways. For example, a Rottweiler and a cat can become friends if they grew up together. In this case, they will not share a common territory and will be able to coexist peacefully on it. Animals will be happy to spend time together, and in any danger, the dog will protect the cat as a family member and friend.

But even if a Rottweiler and a cat have recently met, the dog will not rush at him every time. The dog will calmly follow the movements of the cat, occasionally growl when it enters the territory that the dog considers his own.

For other animals living with a Rottweiler in an apartment, the attitude will most likely be the same. Of course, if the owner socialized the pet in time and instilled in the basic rules of discipline.

As you can see from the above, the Rottweiler will be able to live in any family where he will be loved and respected. Dogs of this breed will always respond to a good attitude with dedication and obedience.

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