Street Cat Became an Instagram Celebrity (18 Pics)

The cat named Benson had many adventures in his life: at first, he lived in Dubai, and then his owners abandoned him and he wandered the streets restless. There, 5 years ago, a couple from the United States found him and took him with them. Now he lives in America, flaunts in fashionable outfits, and pleases his Instagram subscribers with his imperturbable look.

Benson has an entire wardrobe for every season and every occasion! He doesn’t mind dressing up, he only refuses to wear shoes. But everything else does not bother him at all. Photos of this cat are sure to make you smile.

“He loves his dad, he is a calm and patient cat. When he arrived with us, we noticed that when he sees a camera aimed at himself, he sits down and sits motionless! However, it was more difficult to shoot a video, and we tried to put glasses on the cat. Benson did not resist, – says the owner of the cat. – Then we got bolder and began to experiment with clothes, and then even with hats. Benson hates only shoes and socks. Every morning he waits for the alarm clock and then follows my husband everywhere. he gets in the car and drives away. And when it comes time for her husband to get home from work, Benson sits at the door and waits for him. ”

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