Tailed Mediums

Tailed Mediums – Telepathic Animals

For many millennia, the cat, being a constant companion of man, remains a mystery to him. In ancient times, cats were considered messengers of God, and people worshiped them. In the Middle Ages, cats were called accomplices of the devil and were believed to be reincarnated witches.

The ambiguous attitude of people towards cats is explained by the extraordinary abilities of these seemingly ordinary creatures, endowed with innate clairvoyance and telepathy. Meowing seers, endowed with clairvoyance, warned their masters about the danger in times of war and cataclysms long before the signals of radar installations. For this, people established the medal “We also serve the motherland” and awarded it to cats that saved the lives of their owners.

One of the awardees was Sally the cat, who lives near the London Docklands. On the eve of the bombing, with her unusual behavior, she warned not only her owners, but also their neighbors, and calmed down only after hiding everyone in a bomb shelter.

Cats display extraordinary magical abilities to save their offspring. So, the owner of a cat from Plymouth has repeatedly observed how a cat, saving her children, at the slightest danger, transported them to a safe place.

An incident in Portsmouth also testifies to the unusual supernatural abilities of cats. The mother cat, closed by people in the apartment, managed to save all her offspring through an unlocked window. She got out into the street by a telephone cable. And since the apartment was high, with each kitten in its teeth, it passed along a thin wire and descended from the telegraph pole. As a result, the kittens were rescued from the bombing that destroyed the building.

There is a known case when the cunning cat Timati from Sussex selfishly used his paranormal abilities: feeling that their house was not in danger, he abandoned the bomb shelter in alarm in order to fully enjoy the owners’ dinner left on the table.😁

Fluffy seers have the gift of not only anticipating natural disasters but also predicting the weather or warning of the arrival of guests.

It remains only to carefully observe the keepers of the hearth, studying their habits and “language”.

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