This Dog Is So Cool That Any Insta Model Will Envy Him

An interesting dog named Bontenmaru lives in Japan. This handsome Shih Tzu breed stole thousands of hearts when they found out about him on the net. What is so unusual about it? It’s all about the sophisticated style of this dog and the images that the mistress comes up with for him. And of course, Bontenmaru is incredibly photogenic, which his army of fans on Instagram agree with.

Doggie Bontenmaru is six years old and lives with his owner in Tokyo. A couple of years ago, the owner started an Instagram account of the pet, where she began to publish his cutest photos and videos. Recently, the page of the dog is gaining more and more subscribers – everyone is simply fascinated by this wonderful, stylish and photogenic dog!

“I accidentally saw Bontenmara when I went to the pet store, and since then he makes me happier every day. I am very glad that he appeared in my life. Many people often ask how I cut his hair. A couple of times a month we go to the groomer and when there is no time, I cut and comb it myself, “says the hostess.

Look at this handsome guy:

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