USA: Joe Biden Brings First Animal Shelter Dog to White House

After several days of waiting, the presidential elections in the United States summed up the results – the victory was won by Joe Biden. His two dogs, Champion and Major, will soon move with him to the White House on January 20, 2021. Feature: The German Shepherd Major is the first animal shelter dog in Washington history.

Joe Biden Brings His Dogs to the White House

Joe Biden won the US presidential election and now replaces Donald Trump in this post. On January 20, 2021, the newly elected President of the United States will move to the White House in Washington – and will take with him not only his wife Jill but also his two dogs, the Champion and the Major.

With his dogs, Joe Biden joins a long tradition of US presidents: before him, many other presidents had pets that moved with them to the government seat. However, Donald Trump broke this tradition and did not bring animals to the White House, reports, among other things, “NBC News”.

Major – Washington’s First Sheltered Dog

However, Biden’s German Shepherd Major is a real feature for the government seat: he will be the first dog in the White House to be rescued from an animal shelter.

In 2018, Joe Biden adopted a four-legged friend from the Delaware Humane Society, employees then reported on Facebook. Since then, the fur nose has accompanied its eminent owner on numerous dates and is always next to the politician.

And now Major is not only becoming America’s First Dog – he is one of the most famous dogs in White House history. And, of course, he can also look forward to living with his dog friend Champ on a huge estate in Washington soon.

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