Why Does This Newborn Puppy Have Green Fur?

Sometimes nature is simply unpredictable: on the Italian island of Sardinia, a white female gave birth to five puppies – four of them were white, but one puppy had a bright green coat. The color of the coat of a Pistacchio Puppy is easy to explain.

That’s why Puppy Pistacchio is Green

Christian, who runs a farm on an island in Italy, has a logical explanation for his dog’s green coat: at birth, the puppy must have come into contact with a substance called biliverdin from the female’s bile.

It then dyed the dog’s coat a bright green.

The unusual hue will fade in the coming weeks and the Pistacchio will look much more like its brethren. By the way, when the puppy grows up, Christian wants to teach him how to be a herding dog for his flock of sheep.

Then he and his mother must keep the farm in order.

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