Women & Cats

Women & Cats: Collection of Portraits by Arnold Genthe

German-American photographer Arnold Genthe(1869–1942), early in his career, took a series of photographs of a woman posing with his cat. After that, the photographer was so carried away by such portraits that he began to take more and more pictures. He believed that cats in the hands of women are the most beautiful sight in the world.

Arnold Genthe began photographing ladies with cats in 1906. He was carried away by this, and over the years he had accumulated many such portraits. At the same time, he photographed women with four of their cats, each of whom was named Buzzer – apparently, the photographer really liked this nickname.

“I was told that at the age of four, when the nanny took me to look at my newborn brother Hugo, I seriously said, ‘I would rather like a little kitten.” I love dogs, but cats have always meant more to me. They were wise and sympathetic companions of my long lonely hours, “wrote Genthein in his 1936 autobiography.

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